Welcome to the Norwegian Family Therapy Association (NFFT)

We are delighted to invite you to explore our website and discover recent trends and developments in our family therapy association. For the past couple of years we have been experiencing that there is a growing interest for systemic and narrative work in Norway, and our membership numbers as well as activities are increasing.

NFFT was founded in 1983 as a multi-disciplinary association for all those who have family therapeutic and systemic practice as their common interest.

The objective of the association is to develop family therapy and systemic work, strengthen their position and practice, and increase networking between family therapists.

To achieve the objective NFFT organises conferences, seminars, Systemic Cafés, and workshops; furthermore publishes a Members’ Journal, supports research and practice development as well as information and publishing work. NFFT is also involved in international family therapy, narrative and systemic associations, and has its own supporting projects in less resourceful countries.

NFFT aims at becoming more active in announcing statements on issues related to the field, and at promoting higher recognition of systemic and family therapy education and practice, and its certification.