XII Nordic Family Therapy Congress 16.-19.august 2021 i København

Welcome to the XII Nordic Family Therapy Congress in Copenhagen

The Danish Society for Systemic and Narrative Practices, STOK, invites all our Nordic colleagues and friends to join us in Copenhagen on August 16-19, 2022.

We invite you to focus on and talk about the missions and visions of our work and share examples of how the challenges and complexities in families as well as the world in 2022 impact your practice. 

We all have a lot of successes to share, as well as conversations about inventions for being successful, both as a citizen and a family member, as well as a professional, in this multicomplex world of migration, poverty, stigmatizations and powerlessness. How do we handle these situations in a helpful way, and how are we  a relevant partner in the dialogue of creativity? How do we handle the new social constellations of integration, and avoid creating new problems?

Since January 2020, Covid-19 has brought new challenges to cope with. Children as well as grown-ups and families, and the society including professionals, have to find new practices as a respond to the pandemia. How can we be better prepared for forthcoming crises and options that are to come? As familytherapy workers, we have a special opportunity to be a part of the future.

In the Nordic countries, we have a foundation of democratic rights and institutions, guaranteeing a “good” life. Let us talk about how this can continue, through and by, the cooperation of practitioners from our countries, and let us inspire each other, because for sure, there are a lot of experiences and stories that can support our work.

We invite you to take part in the Missions and Visions for Family Therapy!


Link til nettsiden for kongressen med info om påmelding, hotell mm: www.nc2020.dk